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Cerro del Angel "Hill of Angels" is located in the Pencahue/Maule Valley.  One hour East from the Andes mountains and one hour West from the Pacific Ocean. Three hours from Santiago de Chile the capital and 35 minutes from the city of Talca. 


Our main goal is to create a sustainable community that provide it's own organic food, water, renewable energy and wellbeing for all. 

The area of Pencahue/Maule is well known for wine grapes and olive plantations, The region is Chile’s leading wine-making region, producing 50% of all the country’s fine export wines, and a number of the largest vineyards are located here. Owing to its high concentration of vineyards, the  Wine-making is a traditional activity, some vineyards dating back to 1830. 

In addition to wine and olive oil, three export-oriented agricultural items have emerged dynamically: fruits, nuts and flowers. 

Why Chile?

Chile is considered South America's most economically stable and prosperous nation, it is a leader and ranks high on human-personal freedom and has a low perception of corruption.


For the third year in a row, from 2015 to 2017, Chile has been named the best adventure travel destination in South America at the World Travel Awards, an award ceremony that is known in the industry as the "Oscars of tourism". 

Another big reason Chile is an excellent choice is that it is in the southern hemisphere. 95% of the world’s pollution is created in the northern hemisphere. Air from the northern hemisphere virtually doesn't mix with the southern hemisphere. 85% of the world’s rainforests are in the southern hemisphere (Chile has the world’s largest temperate rain forest). Rain forests are natural pollution filters. 96% of storm related deaths are in the northern hemisphere. Life expectancy is higher in the southern hemisphere compared to the northern hemisphere.  

Now look at a map of the world. Note that nearly all major industrialized nations lie above the equator, – United States, Europe, India, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, Russia, and most of Africa. The few exceptions would be Australia, South Africa, Chile and Argentina, and they are relatively very light in the production of these kinds of pollution.

Why is this so important? Well, for starters, there are now tens of thousands of man-made airborne chemicals in the atmosphere, most of them, if not all of them, harmful to living organisms (i.e. you). This is considered by many to be one of the leading, if not the leading, contributor to the explosive rise in chronic disease in the United States and most of the northern hemisphere , another major contributor to disease is food grown in depleted and polluted topsoil covered with herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and petrochemical fertilizers. If you aren’t eating it directly, then the animals that your are eating are eating it! The heaviest of these nasty airborne toxins settle down to the ground thereby polluting land, rivers, lakes and streams. You breathe them, you eat and drink them, and you bathe your bodies in them.

Why Chile is in the top of my list; first of all is a first world country, The Chilean passport is very valuable and you can pretty much travel the world without visa, is a very modern country and is consider very safe and peaceful. Is very affordable if you live outside the capital Santiago and is consider the Switzerland of South America for its beautiful  landscapes and healthy  economy.  Great mild mediterranean weather thru the year, very few insects - bugs, no poisonous snakes or tropical diseases in Chile.    

    Santiago de Chile the Capital

Santiago de Chile the Capital




The best time to start any development project in Chile is end of September, when the rainy season ends. So, time is running out and I'm trying to either get a loan or find three founder partners to continue with the next phase of development;

Here is what im offering;

(4) 25% partnership for $260,000.00 each

-Of the $260,000.00, each partner only pays $130,000.00 and the remaining $130,000.00 is going to be paid with first (2) lots sold. there is no interest or deadlines, you pay only when you sell your first two lots. 

There are 20 residential lots, (17) are 2 acres each, (2) are 4 acres each and (1) is 6 acres. Each partner will get the equivalent of (6) -2 acre lots each. Aprox. 12 acres each.  

What you get for $130,000.00? (print plat on menu for breakdown)

-(6) residential lots each titled, overlooking the Valley (plat lot #3 thru #22). $65,000.00 each lot after development is complete (Plan A) 

-25% of lot #2 (4 acres) share is reserved for Mountain lodge resort ( each partner can build (3) cabins on lot) -12 cabins total. Cabins usually rent for $150.00 a night, or lot can be use to expand the pecan farm, olives or grapes. (Plan B)

-25% of lot number #1 share is reserved for community center, already have a cabin and 50 mature fruit trees. Is going to be use to share time with neighbors, share fruits from orchard, the caretaker home, the working crews kitchen and bathrooms, equipment and machinery storage. 

-25% "Resto del predio" on bottom plat, 20 acres reserved for Pecan farm, 5 acres titled each partner, of the $130,000.00, $30,000.00 goes towards the pecan tree farm plantation. Includes the trees and irrigation system. it will gross $12,000-15,000 per acre after 4-5 years with full harvest. (Plan C)

-25% or 1/4 acre beach property facing the pacific ocean. A little over an hour drive from the farm. $20,000.00 value/each. Currently own 1 acre and up to 4 cabins can be build. Lot is on a hill on high ground, with breathtaking views and sunsets.

Where the investment money is going?

-Water system piping, 1 main well and 1 backup well, pump and tanks. $35,000.00

-Pickup crew-truck for construction and development $35,000.00

-Tractor for grading lots, install culverts, posts and level roads, also farming and road maintenance, plus attachments $30,000.00.

- Home to greet-entertain lot-home buyers, on lot number #3. 1,500 s/f $150,000.00 (includes septic system)

-1 year (season) labor cost, insurance, web page, marketing and unexpected expenses. $50,000.00.

- Pecan tree farm $90,000.00

-$390,000.00 total investment

Is going to take 2-3 years to sell all lots, another year to build the lodge cabins for resort and beach cabins, and 5 years to get full harvest from pecan trees. 

On the third year we are going to start making 3k-4k per acre on pecans, and then 12k-15k per year after 5 years.  And have steady income for 40-50 years. 

Three cabins each can bring  $45k a year with 30% occupancy rate, if we add a hot tub on each cabin (fed with thermal water) and offer tours to wineries, olive oil plantations and national parks we can increase to 60%-70% the occupancy rate.

All the lodge cabins and future improvements to community are going to be paid by lots sold, no additional investment is required.         

Is important to mention that a family of four can live comfortable with $2,000.00 a month, and includes private health insurance.  

We need all three partners to commit by the end of September 2018. So I can start planing accordingly. Im available to meet anyone interested, you can reach me at: 281/541-2493.   


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 No one is going to spend more than a minute reading a bio, so I keep it short. 

Cesar M. Puente; born in the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas), and raised in Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Chile and currently lives in Tomball, Texas. Cesar is the concept founder of Cerro del Angel community in Pencahue, Chile. He spend three years searching for the right property all over central and south America and decided that central Chile is the ideal location for a sustainable community. 

Cesar have 25 years experience in land development and construction, he works directly with construction crews and operates all the heavy machinery and tools required to complete the jobs, like building roads, digging trenches, drainage, culverts, grade lots, septic systems, install utilities and he also build wood Cabins, decks, porches and fences. 

Also have interest and vast experience in farming, He run Rain forest tree Farm in Pinehurst, Texas for 10 years, eventually the land (on hwy 249) was worth more than the farm and he sold the land to a car dealership. 

Cesar have two daughters Carmen and Paola from his first marriage that graduated from Texas A&M in agricultural Engineering and UOH in Business, and have two sons from a second marriage, Nicolas and Luka. 

Cesar's Family is Orthodox Christian and they are Members of St. Joseph Orthodox Christian Church. 

We can submit references upon request from customers or church members. 



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